Representative MarketShare, Inc. Clients

A Revenue positive diagnostic company, 20/20 is in the process of bringing to market a pipeline of new cancer diagnostic tests, including high sensitivity and specificity tests for kidney, prostate and lung cancers. 20/20's lung cancer blood test is particularly promising given the 74% sensitivity and 80% specificity (95% with CT), the size of the market and the active interest of large diagnostic companies.
                    The CEO a highly experienced entrepreneur has, recruited an 
                    impressive scientific and execution team. 

This Seattle-based emerging medical device company is close to commercializing their proprietary advances in wound closure. Their micro needle, butterfly bandage technology replaces sutures and staples for a much-improved cosmetic benefit and greater patient comfort, as well as reduced surgical costs. The CEO and COO are respectively a successful life science entrepreneur and a leading executive in wound closure, product distribution and marketing. The launch is planned for early 2015 with acquisition or alternative exit options likely within months thereafter.

CDI has a unique platform technology to develop advanced and superior preservatives for diagnostics, drugs, food and cosmetics. Their preservatives offer improved shelf life; stabilizers that protect against oxidation, free radicals and micro-contamination; and the benefit of being natural, green and healthy. The company is in discussions with major diagnostic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food companies to develop and license proprietary preservatives that provide significant competitive advantage to the consumer. 
The company is ready to spin off one particularly exciting proprietary product in a subsidiary, co-owned with investors. The CDI platform technology can stabilize oleocanthal and thus enable packaging and marketing as a nutritional supplement. This molecule, found in olive oil, has been demonstrated in numerous peer-reviewed papers as a potential preventive therapy for Alzheimer's, brain injuries (CTE), osteoarthritis and cancer. 

Working to revolutionize drug development at the front end, Verseon harnesses the super computer to design custom molecules that attach to target proteins. This platform          technology reduces drug development discovery of new molecules from years to months.

This company is a a spinoff of Verseon that enables investment in its lead drug portfolio, a package of novel blood thinners demonstrating far higher bio-availability and half life and reduce bleeding side effects in contrast to current alternatives. Upon completing the animal studies, Nirog will license the blood thinner portfolio to a leading pharmaceutical for over $20 million up front, plus milestone and royalty payments to come. There is already strong interest. The licensing will validate the computer aided design technology as well as bring an immediate 2X return to investors, plus upside of 60X to 80X. 

With promising immune-stimulant technology for cancer therapy and infectious disease vaccine adjuvants, TapImmune's technological breakthrough stimulates the TAP protein pump that processes antigens. In many cancers, the TAP protein system has been reduced or switched off. Restoration of the TAP function is proving to significantly reduce tumor mass and survival. Based on promising animal trails, the company has commenced Phase 1 breast cancer trials at the Mayo Clinic. 

CytoCore has a portfolio of women's diagnostic products ready for launch on closing financing. These include a proprietary Softpap specimen collector to replace the spatula and brush used by gynecologists to obtain PAP smears, a self-collector for use directly by the patient in less developed medical economies and automated PAP cytology evaluation equipment. These products will greatly improve the specificity and sensitivity of the PAP test while enhancing the patient's comfort. In the pipeline is a Breast PAP medical device that opens a new diagnostic market enabling the assessment and monitoring of breast cancer risk. 

With its proprietary bio-marker for stroke, CIS is now entering the market with a predictive test. A point of care diagnostic test is in the pipeline and is ready for FDA trials. Multiple laboratories are gearing up to offer the predictive test to clinics                                         and physicians under a CLIA certification.

EVE will customize and import to Israel a range of electric cars for its large customer base of ready buyers. Israel has all the factors in place to become the leader in adoption of electric and other alternative fuel vehicles: $9/gallon gas, short travel distances, recharging stations going in everywhere, and 125% sales tax on internal combustion cars exempted                          for all electric vehicles, making the cost to the buyer half price. 

Parimutuel is currently launching a world wide online sports betting platform that includes tennis, poker, golf as well as most team sports. They are collaborating with casinos, state governments/regulators, Indian tribes and player associations to provide a secure, endorsed platform of highest integrity and technology to dominate the online sports betting industry. 

The IPIA is in discussion with multiple emerging economy government officials and local partners to establish their proprietary Payment Guarantee Facility (PGF) program. The PGF guarantees the country sovereign guarantee of off taker payment for private development of power, water, transportation and other infrastructure essential for economic growth. Locally based PGF corporations will function as guarantor agencies, investment banks and in-country advisors to refer and enable debt and equity financing of private infrastructure prioritized by the host government.

Management Clients


Associations Marketshare Has Created

  • The National Association for Environmental Management
  • The United Recovery Foundation for Libya
  • The International Cyber Accelerator
  • The International Private Infrastructure Association
  • The International Private Water Association
  • The International Private Energy Association
  • The Environmental Business Association
  • The Employment Legal Issues Forum
  • The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce
  • The Moldovan-American Chamber of Commerce
  • The Association for Internet Marketing
  • The World Poker Alliance
  • The Field Certified Professional Association

Consulting Clients

  • CytoCore, Inc.
  • Digene Corporation
  • Intercontinental Commerce Corporation
  • The African Investment Corporation
  • The National Victims Association
  • The National Legal Aid and Defenders Association
  • Computer Analytics, Inc.  
  • Dovetail Technologies, Inc.
  • Lifetime Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Anuvu Incorporated
  • Inlucid Technologies
  • Morrison & Foerster
  • Thelen Reid & Priest
  • Cameron McKenna
  • Herzfeld & Rubin
  • Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
  • Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
  • Akin Gump Straus Hauer & Feld
  • Cooley Godward
  • Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
  • Coudert Brothers
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Ernst & Young 
  • Hagler, Bailley (PA Consulting Group)