Marketshare Strategic Partnering 

         Marketshare serves entrepreneurial start ups, emerging companies, and international infrastructure project developers.   We pride ourselves in our responsive and well connected network of potential strategic partners and other collaborators, particularly in the bio/pharma/healthcare and cybersecurity industries. 

Marketshare manages The International Cyber Accelerator (TICA), an incubator/accelerator of late stage cybersecurity enterprises.  Services include strategic partnering and channel marketing partnering introductions and agreement facilitation that accelerate commercialization of innovative cybersecurity products. See

Marketshare offers particular expertise, relationships networks and direct client connections in the health science sector (biotech, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare IT).  This strategic service enables our clients to rapidly penetrate their new market through channel distribution partnerships, marketing alliances, R&D collaborations, sales partnerships and other forms of strategic alliances. 

Services include: 

  • Strategic plan advisory
  • Strategic partnering consulting

  • Strategic partnership negotiation

  • Distribution and market penetration support

  • Economic development advisory to state, local, federal and foreign governments