Law Firm Marketing

Marketshare is one of the oldest and most respected consulting firms specializing in marketing and profitability improvement for law firms.

Our experience with over 200 law firms during the past 16 years results in law firm marketing programs based on an understanding of the law firm environment. We assist clients to create an internal culture conducive to collaborative, cooperative business development. We thoroughly understand what is appropriate and inappropriate, what works and what does not.

Association Formation - Marketshare's Unique Service
As an association management company, as well as consulting firm, we form new trade associations, coalitions, executive roundtables and professional societies, centrally positioning our client. Association creation is the most effective unifying marketing strategy for both for cementing reputation and visibility in a niche and for generating direct new business from the membership and contacts.

Our Services Include:

Strategic Profitability Audits and Marketing Plans
To achieve greater partner income through systematic business development initiatives

Partner Retreat Planning & Facilitation
To build the culture and consensus for profitability growth

Salesmanship Skills Workshops
To improve new business development skills and encourage greater client selling activity

Recruitment and Training of Marketing Directors
To build internal marketing management capabilities for long term growth

Outsourced Full Service Marketing Management
To manage our clients total marketing program, avoiding the overhead and complexities of hiring a marketing department

Public Relations
To obtain publicity on newsworthy cases, speaking opportunities for leading partners, and visibility on reputation-building developments

Brochure Design and Writing
To set you apart by communicating concisely and effectively the unique selling proposition of your firm

To tastefully position the firm in the competitive market place and generate inquiries for specific services

Internet Development and Marketing
To design and implement a web strategy that generates client leads, creates new information services and establishes a contemporary visibility on the web.